Why you should buy an Ergonomic Chair

27 August 2018

We all spend most of our time at work and if your work is in an office, your desk and chair are where you undoubtedly sit.

Whether your office is in the Melbourne CBD, St.Kilda or Fitzroy, your chair still needs to be ergonomic and friendly to your body for the long hours.

Rosier Commercial Furniture understands Ergonomic chairs. We love them. We also love design and style.

Before you start the hunt for a new office chair, here are a few reasons why an ergonomic chair should be your top pick.

An ergonomic chair is a chair that is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.

These office chairs:

1. support your posture
2. are more comfortable
3. reduce risk of back pain
4. reduce risk of neck problems
5. reduce pressure on your hips
6. make working easier

How does an ergonomic chair work?

Here at Rosier Commercial Furniture, our chairs are fully adjustable and supportive, including:

1. Adjustable backrest
2. Adjustable seat heights
3. Adjustable seat angle
4. Appropriate seat width and depth
5. Adjustable armrests

Our most popular picks are the Infinity HERE and Maximus HERE.

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We work with national customers, from Geelong and rural Victoria to Sydney and Perth.

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