Planning & Renovating the Perfect Office Space

31 August 2018

So you’ve decided to update your office. Whether it’s a full remodel or aesthetic update, there are some things to take into consideration when planning for your new and improved office.

No matter is the office is a retail space in Brighton, accountant’s office in East Melbourne or ad agency in Southbank, the pillars of good planning and design stay the same even if the style differs.

Importance of a Floor Plan

Measure twice, cut once. Get that floor plan out. Measure space for the desks, chairs, communal areas. Don’t order desks if you aren’t sure they are going to fit in the space.

Better yet, get a site visit with the suppliers of the furniture – they will be able to measure things up accurately.

Hot tip: If you still are not sure of the placement of your furniture, use masking tape to trace the outline of the general furniture on the floor. It’s easier to imagine what space the furniture will take up.

Don’t Skimp on the Spend

Budget is always a constraint. But when it comes to office furniture, you get what you pay for.
If you want heavy, supportive chairs and sturdy desks, you can’t expect to buy it flat packed at discount prices.

Don’t be Afraid of Colour

People may shy away from colour but used wisely, it can lift up an otherwise dark and drab environment.
Colours can also have an impact on the mood and productivity of an office.

For example, Blue has been shown to help when concentrating on numbers and red can be energising for negotiation.

On the other hand…

Be True to Your Brand

Don’t try to be everything. Know your colour scheme, know what the work space is designed to achieve and stick with it.

Occupational Health & Safety (OH & S)

Renovate smart. The most important asset of any business is its’ people.

So take care of their backs and hips with good quality ergonomic chairs. Electric desks are a great healthy desk option, allowing people to sit or stand at their desk, and well equipped breakout rooms should be designed and furnished to promote productivity and offer a good escape for employees.

And a final note – have fun!

Enjoy the process, work with your suppliers and you will be happy with the end result.

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