How to Convince your Boss to Make the Switch to Electric Desks

19 October 2018

About 10 years ago, offices across Australia made the switch from close door workplaces to open plan.
Now another switch is sweeping across offices – electric desks.

Health, flexibility and affordability are all benefits that make electric desks appealing to modern day offices across Melbourne and beyond.

Let’s explore these in more detail:

Sitting is the new smoking. Long term effects of not being active enough range from still joints to cancer and heart disease.
But we all have work to do and some days, an 8 hour window of us mostly sitting in front of a computer or on a phone is our reality.
An electric desk allows you to take a break from time to time and work while standing, or perhaps you want to sit in a chair such as our ergostand stool or an exercise ball. 

Notable health benefits include:
– Reduced weight gain
– Lower rish of heart disease
– Lower blood sugar level
– Reduction in back pain
– Improved mood and productivity

Desk Sharing
With the rise of open plan offices, desk sharing has also increased.
So whether is job sharing or unassigned desk areas to allow for flexibility in working from home or on the road, having a desk installed that allows for quick and easy adjustment is a plus.

Electric desks aren’t the thousands of dollars you imagine. We have some great options at the moment, starting from $750, on sale. 

It’s time to take a stand and invest in an electric desk! Your health and colleagues will thank you for it!

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