About Our Artist

23 August 2017

Petra Lieb has had a relatively short career as an artist, but in that time she has seen her art showcased around the world.

Born in Germany, she has lived in Canada, USA and has now settled in Australia. Her art has been featured in New York City and New Jersey (Where her painting hangs in the Mayor’s office of Mahwah!)

Petra loves experimenting with different styles; from charcoal to acrylic to resin. She is a creative soul and every painting reveals a sliver of it.

We at Rosier Commercial Furniture are excited to feature her art in our showroom and for sale because office furniture is not only practical and ergonomic. It is emotional too. Whether you want to increase productivity in a shared office, or want to project control in a boardroom, Petra’s artwork will help set the tone.

Browse her artwork HERE or contact us to commission your very own vision.

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