Colour your workplace

16 April 2018

Colours play an important role in an office’s environment and productivity.

Offices from Bayside suburbs to the inner north suburbs of Melbourne benefit from the right colours used correctly.

Check our Rosier’s new range of colourful classics, perfect for any break out or waiting room.

Researchers have found blue helpful for those concentrating on numbers.
Blue is soothing – it can lower heart rate and reduce anxiety.

Industries to consider blue:

Green offers good relief for eyes from a computer screen
Green is soothing – it can lower heart rate and reduce anxiety

Industries to consider green:
Anyone with long hours at a computer screen

BUT: Too much green may result in people being too relaxed.

Red optimizes performance in tasks involving attention to detail
Good for strength, energy and negotiation

Industries to consider red:
Corporate Roles

BUT: Too much red can be too aggressive


Yellow enhances clarity and precision
It is good for creativity and stimulates people’s adventurous side

Industries to consider yellow:
Creative Industries
Travel agents

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